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democracy and voting

(excerpted from my own journal critique of the entire democratic debate last night)

what i found extremely funny today was the blurb from a republican respondent to last night's debate who said they were "appalled" at how much the democrats came down on the president. obviously what's good for the repubs shouldn't be good for the democrats? at least they stuck to policies and politics last night and did not focus on bedroom habits, his wife, his kids, or his own personality failings that are none of the country's business.

it was nice to see that the criticism isn't all democrats ganging against the republicans as they called each other on some important issues as well. i think only one of them actually said that democrats should band together to take down bush. no one else echoed the sentiment.

let me go on record to say that democracy is not about democrat vs. republican.

it's about democracy and everyone from all sides having a voice. it's about having a CHOICE. i'm not staunch anti-republican. i have voted republican before, and will do so again if i feel the republican candidate is more qualified. i AM however, anti-bush. that's the difference. i LIKED what some of the republican candidates had to say that were in the running last presidential election. i may actually have voted for one if he had been given a fair chance to debate his points because he personally impressed me with his candor and strength in his beliefs.
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