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in a brief letter of introduction, i'd like to say i'm having a hard time understanding both sides of the war issue. i pride myself on always being able to see both sides of any given situation.

being in a democratic nation, it's always helpful to be able to understand both sides of the issues, while not necessarily agreeing with them. i'm really trying to search out sites that are pro AND con, so that i'm not just reinforcing my own beliefs and/or stereotypes. i'm hoping in the end i can understand where people are coming from and why they believe the way they do.

so, maybe this question is best put to you guys, who seem to have members on and around all sides of the fence on the war debate.

in a democratic society, and as part of a democratic nation hoping to spread democracy to the rest of the nations that do not have it, isn't it a pretty poor example to say "democracy is best unless the vote is against you, then you just do what you want."

isn't that how democracies are toppled?
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