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public school plans to erect statue of President Bush


On January 8, 2002, President George W. Bush signed the No Child Left Behind bill at Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. Now, two local philanthropists want to spend nearly $400,000 to erect a series of statues, including one of President Bush, on the grounds of this public school.

To add insult to the injury of erecting a statue of a president about to lead us into an unpopular, unnecessary war, Ohio Governor Bob Taft has recently announced state-wide school budget cuts that will take away nearly half a million dollars from the school district!

In the past, Donna and Ralph Carruthers have donated to the fine arts programs in the district. Now, instead of giving money to a needy program or worthy, non-political cause, they have decided to force their political beliefs on the students and residents of Hamilton without allowing public debate or hearing alternatives. A student petition to stop the political sculpture was halted by the high school administration, denying their freedom of speech.

The sculpture is planned to be completed by April 2004, but it can be stopped! Please consider taking a moment and contacting one or more of the following people to urge them not to place a politically-motivated statue of a war-mongering president on public school property!

Janet Baker - Hamilton Schools Superintendent, (513)887-5000, fax (513)887-5014, 533 Dayton Street, P.O. Box 627, Hamilton, Ohio 45012
Joni Copas - Hamilton Schools representative, (513)887-5000, fax (513)887-5014, 533 Dayton Street, P.O. Box 627, Hamilton, Ohio 45012,
Tracey Miller - Hamilton High School Principal, (513)868-7700, 1165 Eaton Avenue, Hamilton, Ohio 45013
Ralph Carruthers, (513)863-3138, 601 Glenway Dr, Hamilton, Ohio 45013
Gerry Hammond, President, City of Sculpture, One Riverfront Plaza, Hamilton, Ohio 45011, (513)844-8080 or (800)311-5353,

Dear Mr./Ms. ________,

I have read that local philanthropists Donna and Ralph Carruthers want to donate $400,000 to place a statue of President George W. Bush at Hamilton High School. While I appreciate their enthusiasm to donate to the school, I feel it could be better spent in a way that directly benefits the school and does not promote a political figure. Private individuals should be allowed to donate to projects at public schools, but they should not be allowed to endorse political candidates or make political statements on public school property that may make students and community members uncomfortable. Please reconsider your decision.

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